Wednesday, September 8, 2010


These days I feel like I am in a dream. Things are happening around me and I am on the sidelines waving my hands trying to be seen.

I drive through the downtown on a weekday and see everyone rushing around to their jobs and feel envy. I never thought I would. Things are so topsy turvy not having a job. Didn't think I could sustain doing the limbo for this long. Feels like the bar is so low that I have to bend farther and farther back each time to get under to reach the other side where things are good and clear and somehow better. But are they? Or will I just get an aching back? So confused.

I know the universe is trying to tell me something in this period of stasis: "Lady, you don't have a job right now because you need to learn A,B,C." But what the F are A,B,C? Answers, please. Universe? Are you there? The answer can't just be that I need to vaccum the house twice a week and learn new and delicious slow cooker recipes.


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erika said...

In case we didn't commiserate enough this morning over coffee - I HEAR YOU SISTER!