Friday, October 5, 2007

Now I get it!

Now I get why Tim Horton's is so popular. It's not the mediocre coffee or the low price, it's the fact that you need utter only a few words to order one, like "Large, black" or Medium double-double". Just like that it appears in your hand.

Have you been to Starbucks lately or Second Cup? They pepper you with questions - "room for cream? medium? bold? mild? regular milk? skim?" and "do you need a lid? a sleeve?" Wah?

God, just give me an FN coffee! You see, I need one in order to answer your questions!!

And who decided that a small is actually a medium and that a medium is actually a large? And why can't I buy a small? Or better yet that a venti is a...what is a venti? A large? or a medium? See, I don't even know. Speak English to me. And what's wrong with just calling the coffee mild, medium, and dark? Why, why do they need exotic names I can't pronounce? It's coffee!

A dude in line in front of me this morning - who turned out to actually be a regular at Timmies - was so confused by all of the questions he was being asked that when he finally got a coffee in his hands he turned and went off to doctor it without paying. The Barista had treated him like he wasn't a native English speaker as he stumbled through her questions. I paid for his coffee to spare him the humiliation of having to come back to the till.