Saturday, January 2, 2010

My little man

Boy child's school sets up "Santa's Workshop" in the school gymnasium every Christmas. Each kid gets to go there to "buy" a present for their folks. (Don't get me started on the imprinting of commercialism on the minds of small children).

Anyway, parents donate crap, I mean, stuff that they want to get rid of, I mean, re-gift to other unsuspecting, I mean, appreciative parents.

Boy child came home with a present for his moms one day and actually managed to keep it a secret until Christmas! We thought it was going to be stinky perfume but it turned out to be a cute gift that we would have probably actually bought for ourselves. We were some surprised and thanked him quite effusively.

Bolstered by our positive response, he proudly announced that he had "just walked in the door and randomly picked something off the table! I was done in like 10 seconds!" Such thought, such care, such a guy.

Reminds me of my father's efforts at Christmas. As us kids got older and moved out he started a tradition of shopping at London Drugs at 4 p.m. on Christmas Eve. All three of us and my mom would end up with the same randomly selected (okay, not random. There had to be at least four on the shelf) sandwich maker, hand vac, or nose hair trimmer. I used to quietly return them and get the cash - the perfect gift for a poor university student.

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